Company Abbreviation:Lianchuang Biological Medicine,Stock code:800055
  • Medical investment services

    While adhering to the main business of medicinal chemistry, Linchuang pays attention to the latest medical application achievements at home and abroad, and also actively invests in the field of precision medicine. We are eager to carry out investment cooperation with the outstanding entrepreneurial projects of individualized therapy, biomarker research and development, CAR-t therapy, gene diagnosis and treatment.

  • Pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates business

    Anhui Senji Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. Huainan Lianke Biomedicine Co., LTD., located in Huainan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province, are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Anhui Lianchuang Biomedicine Co., LTD. It mainly produces SGLT-2 apis represented by Engliazine and Cagliazine and a whole series of JAK inhibitors. And a variety of characteristic apis and intermediates.

  • CRO\CMO\CDMOservices

    Research and Development Center I: Lianchuang rooted in medical field for nearly 10 years, has an excellent technology development and project management team, the r&d center is located in anhui hefei the development work of constant industrial square B9, research and development covers an area of 3000 ㎡, with a total investment of 50 million yuan, the current research and development team of 70 people, has 10 approved drugs for testing, development and commercialisation of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, 100, With advanced equipment and rich project management experience;

    R & D center Ⅱ : Wheat field biology of Lianchuang subsidiary, mainly engaged in the development and application of biological enzymes; API process development that incorporates organic and enzymatic technologies; Synthesis of polypeptide drugs;

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